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Window Flower Box

Bought my first window flower box today! I think it’s beautiful! 


Hidden Gardens

Hidden Gardens


Fête des Pères


Happy Father’s Day Weekend!! While the displays are not as extravagant as the Mothers’ Day displays, I did find some cute French mugs at one of my favorite chocolate shops deNeuville. Bonne Fête Papa!!



Paris Doors


I always love all the pretty doors in Paris. The one of the left is one of the most unique I have seen and was spotted on Rue de Rivoli!

I also love the fact you never know what lies behind the doors! It’s always interesting going to new places and discovering what lies inside!!


Parc de Bagatelle


This past week, I visited Parc de Bagatelle, located within Bois du Boulogne, just west of Paris.  Parc de Bagatelle is known for its beautiful rose gardens.  Our group was lucky because our tour guide is one of the judges in the annual rose competition. On the grounds, there are over 10,000 roses.  A pretty wonderful sight to take in! Each year, visitors from all over the world visit to see all the wonderful variations of roses.  One rose is crowned winner each year after first being judged by French children on their smell (we saw the children the day of our visit), a panel of permanent judges, and a panel of temporary judges.

A hunting lodge was originally built in this park for Charles X, brother of Louis XVI and Louis XVIII.  Charles X was known as quite the playboy during his time.  As he was far in line to ever be crowned King (although he eventually was), he was told to go have a good time hunting and throwing soirées in this area.  It was a great resting spot for him located conveniently between Paris and Versailles.  In fact, the very small chateau built on the property has the inscription ‘Parva Sed Apta’.  As our tour guide told us, this means small but well adapted.  We learned this was not just referring to the chateau on the grounds, but to Charles X himself…the interesting tidbits you learn from great guides! And another wonderful thing about this park, the beautiful peacocks that call it home.

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Sugarplum Cake Shop


There is the cutest American cake and coffee shop I discovered located in the 5th, Sugarplum Cake Shop.  They have all sorts of wonderful desserts and are known for their custom cakes! The day I went, we had a nice mix of small cheese cakes, rice krispy treats, lemon poppy seed cakes, and cupcakes.  I knew it was American because the carafe d’eau had ice in it….a very rare find in Paris!!

68 rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris

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Le Jardin au Musée Carnavalet

Le Jardin au Musée Carnavalet 


Belles Fleurs pour Fêtes des Mères

Bonne Fête Maman! 


Bonne Fête Maman

It is Mother’s Day Weekend in Paris! Bonne Fête Maman! 



Le Fête du Pain

1 Le Fête du Pain! Strolling around near Notre Dame, I noticed a huge tent set up celebrating Le Fête du Pain.  Of course I had to go in a see what it was all about! This tradition has been taking place since 1996 and is celebrated all across France.  It is a time to learn about all the wonderful bread products offered here and how it all comes together.

It was very neat being able to watch the boulangères in action.  Of course, you were able to try du pain aussi, which I did! Nothing beats the taste of a warm baguette just out of the oven! One of the small treats I love about living in France!




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